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Re: what kind of activities will raise or lower your bloodpressure?

Date: Wed May 2 10:03:27 2001
Posted By: Dave Marsen , Grad student, Neurobiology, electrophysiology , University of Amsterdam
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 980824292.Me

Hi John,

It's not that difficult; your body increases the blood pressure when you 
are: scared, afraid, excited, in love, doing sports, etc...  and the body 
lowers the blood pressure when you are resting physically and/or mentally, 
during activities such as sleep and meditation.
A high blood pressure is good for moments that you really need the oxygen & 
energy, like with sports, but not for a long time .. Because the veins in 
your body can handle the pressure but not for a long time if you have 
a high blood pressure for a long time, these veins can bursts open, which 
can result in an infarct of an organ (e.g. heart, brains, liver etc.). On 
the other side you have low blood pressure, which is very handy for 
preserving your energy, but it can be very dangerous too ...this is because 
your blood is the transport mechanism of the body, which delivers "all the 
things needed" to all the organs. If the blood pressure is too low .. your 
organs (especially your brain) can't get enough fuel or air. for example some 
people faint when their blood pressure is low.

I hope you're project will work


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