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Subject: How is the speed of light measured in a laboratory?

Date: Tue May 8 12:48:38 2001
Posted by Aditya
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City: Mumbai State/Province: No state entered. Country: India
Area of science: Physics
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Can U please describe the apparatus and the method which is used to measure the 
speed of light in a laboratory. Is it possible to measure its speed without 
interfaring with light in any way. A related(?) question : How do we know that 
the particles in the particle accelarators are not moving at speeds higher than 
that of light when all we measure is energy of these particles that is a 
product of mass and velocity. Have we been able to confirm that actually the 
mass increases and speed remains les than C. ( By the way John if U are 
reviewing this question kindly excuse my arrogance in my earliar question, so 
far U people have been a great help in my quest.)

Re: How is the speed of light measured in a laboratory?

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