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Re: What are F statistics and more specifically what are pairwise Fst values?

Date: Wed May 9 18:23:32 2001
Posted By: Paul Thompson, Faculty, Biostatistics, Med School
Area of science: Other
ID: 984100899.Ot

I am not entirely clear what you mean by Fst, Fit and Fis.  F values are 
computed as ratios of chi-square values divided by their dfs.  You need to 
compute a standardized value (remove the mean), and square them and sum 

I would guess that the Fis, Fit and Fst values are three F values for a three factor experiment. If so, most stat texts would include these formulae. Kirk is a good one for that.

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We received the following further information from D. Kohn:

a way to contact her, or do you know whether she was put onto the right track? She needs to know that they refer to Sewell Wright's statistics for calculating apportionment of genetic variation among and between (hence pairwise) populations.

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