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Subject: how can I apply a washcoat to a nickel monolith?

Date: Sun Apr 1 23:11:57 2001
Posted by juan
Grade level: undergrad School: LSU
City: No city entered. State/Province: LA Country: usa
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 986181117.Eg

I received the following e-mail from you asking for more information regarding 
my question. The specifications are at the end of this message.

Re: How can I apply a washcoat to a nickel monolith and what type of washocoat?

Greetings -

Please provide further specifics. As it stands it would be
difficult for us to find an answer to your question.

Please resubmit questions online via

A couple of MadSci experts have deferred on your question and it may be
that what is missing is a reference to the application involved. In what
context is your monolith to be used? Is a scientific experiment, an art
display, or other?

Thanks for your question.


Sidney Chivers, Admin MadSci Network

the monolith have a cell size opening of 500 micrometer, the reason for the
washcoat is that I need the cell wall to have a rough surface and at the same
time want to keep the cell opening between 450-500 micrometers, it needs to
withstand high temperatures(1000 C).The washcoat considered is alumina(If know 
of a place that can perform the washcoat please send how to contact them,baton 
rouge area preferred). The monolith will be used in the design(as my senior 
project) of a catalytic converter. 

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Re: how can I apply a washcoat to a nickel monolith?

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