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Subject: I'd like to get Chemical Engineer Interview

Date: Mon May 14 22:56:33 2001
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Area of science: Chemistry
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At my school, the honors chemistry students have to create mock soap 
companies that compete with each other to produce the best soap. Before 
the companies were formed, we had to apply for positions within the 
company. I applied to be a chemical engineer (one of two positions that 
actually got to make the soap). My chemistry teacher wants us to interview 
an individual who has had experience with a job similar to our own. 
Therefore, I would greatly appreciate if a Chemical Engineer could answer 
the following questions:

1. How long have you been a chemical engineer?
2. What made you decide to become a chemical engineer?
3. How long did you go to school?
4. Do you enjoy working as a chemical engineer?
5. Did your job turn out the way you thought it would while you were in 
6. Who do you work for?
7. What are some of your usual job responsibilities?
8. Is there anything you donít like about your career? 
9. What are some of the things you have discovered or made?
10. Have there been any major advances in chemical engineering in the 
past couple of years?
11. How has your understanding of chemistry affected the way you view 
the chemicals used in everyday life?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these!

Re: I'd like to get Chemical Engineer Interview

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