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Re: As blood is a mixture of cells, is it a tissue or an organ?

Date: Thu May 24 16:19:44 2001
Posted By: Stacey Kohler, Secondary School Teacher, General Science, Kissimmee Middle School
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 989999120.An

A tissue is generally defined as a group of similar cells, working together 
to perform a specific function.  An organ is defined as a group of tissues 
working together to perform a more complex function.  This definitions work 
well for the middle school/junior high school level, but as in many other 
cases, may not tell the complete truth.

Blood is generally considered to be a tissue.  There's a lot of information 
out there on the web, but much of it is for medical professionals and, as 
such, is far above the level of the general public.  The best I can do for 
you is to direct you to two Encarta articles,

The different parts of blood don't really work together.  They are found in 
the same place (blood vessels such as arteries and veins) but they act 
seperately.  Hope this answers your question.

Your mad scientist,
S. Kohler

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