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Subject: Why did my disk not erase?

Date: Wed May 23 01:31:42 2001
Posted by John
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City: FWB State/Province: Fl Country: USA
Area of science: Computer Science
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Some time ago, I had a Western Digital hard drive I no longer needed. I took 
the drive and put in an industrial magnetic field generating machine. The 
magnetic fields generated by this machine are very strong! So strong, that if 
you are holding a metal bolt in your hand inside the coil, it will pull your 
hand to the center of the coil. I zapped the drive with max power, using AC and 
DC fields. I was sure the drive would be clean and probably would not work at 
all. But to my surprise, when I re-installed the drive, Not only did the drive 
still work, but I was able to access both programs and data. Everything was 
still there and still working. What could have shielded the platters from 
magnetic fields that strong?

Re: Why did my disk not erase?

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