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Re: Is it possable to control negitive Ions through a magnetic field?

Date: Tue May 29 11:01:23 2001
Posted By: Donald Howard, Staff, Nuclear Engineering, Retired
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 990386387.Eg

There is no information because magnetic fields are non-ionizing.  Any 
electrical current flowing through any wire sets up a magnetic field, and 
with AC power that field collapses and reverses 60 times a second.  If a 
magnetic field causes ANY ionization, no one would need electrostatic air 
purifiers.  Their house wiring would produce enough ionization to make 
their eyes water.

And if mag fields caused ionization, that would rob power from 
transmission lines.  The so-called "line losses" would increase and the 
cost of generating and transmitting electrical power would be much higher.

A "high powered" electrostatic air purifier would produce ozone which is 
not the nicest chemical to have around.  You can smell that stuff, but you 
wouldn't want to sniff it for long.

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