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Re: Can an ET send an earthling an e-mail message?

Date: Thu May 31 11:28:52 2001
Posted By: Steve Marvell, Independent Researcher
Area of science: Physics
ID: 990956782.Ph

Assuming that ET had worked out all of the protocols involved in sending mail and routing information around the web, I imagine he could set himself up and use the satellites to link himself in to the Internet. Not only could he send mail, but he could also browse web pages too.

[note added by MadSci Admin: There are lots of assumptions here.
1) Assuming there *is* an ET. That's certainly not established.
2) Assuming the (not yet established) ET can decipher the Internet protocol.
3) Assuming the (not yet established) ET has sufficiently powerful communications channel(s).
4) Assuming the (not yet established) ET lives close enough that the communications packets sent to and from the Internet are not delayed too much (communications on the Internet are not possible if the delay is too great).

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