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Subject: How do they get sperm out of a dead man

Date: Tue May 8 02:40:05 2001
Posted by Andrew
Grade level: undergrad School: No school entered.
City: seattle State/Province: wa Country: usa
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 989304005.Me

I have heard that doctors have taken sperm out of a dead man. Does this mean 
when a man dies, he has or by some means can have an erection, and that somehow 
he can still ejaculate when his heart is stopped?

Can a man ejaculate during a trauma?

In the movie fatal attraction, in the beginning of the film, a man is killed 
while having sex. Is it possible for a man to ejaculate shortly after being 
killed as was depicted in this movie

Re: How do they get sperm out of a dead man

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