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Subject: When dose a recessive allele take ove the dominant allele

Date: Fri Jun 1 20:58:54 2001
Posted by Frenchie
Grade level: 7-9 School: Oak Crest Middle School
City: Carlsbad State/Province: Ca Country: Usa
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 991443534.Ge

My sister is disabled.  She has cerebral Palsy and anglemens syndrom.  She has 
blonde hair and blue eyes, while the rest of my family has brown hair and 
eyes.  My parents told me that her recessive allele took over her dominant 
allele.  I learnd about alleles this year at school, but I still don't get why 
the recessive allele takes over the dominant allele. I would like to understand 
why so even if the letter dosen't make it t your web page could you just send 
it to my e-mail adress above?  Thank You

Re: When dose a recessive allele take ove the dominant allele

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