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Re: Does asprine help flowers live longer

Date: Wed Jun 6 13:43:58 2001
Posted By: Henri Maurice, Chair of Biology, University of Southern Indiana
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 989263225.Es

Some say that aspirin does help increase the longevity of cut flowers 
although the differences with the control group (flowers treated with only 
water) are subtle.  In theory aspirin should work because it acidifies the 
water enough to prevent the growth of bacteria in the water which in turn 
decrease the longevity of the cut flowers.  Commercial cut flower foods do 
not contain aspirin because the differences are minor/barely noticeable.  A 
book on cut flower care by Vaughan (1988), in fact, lists the use of 
aspirin as a myth in terms of increasing cut flower longevity.  Others 
claim the same thing.  Aspirin does not really help cut flowers live 

Vaughan, MJ.  1988.  The Complete Book of Cut Flower Care.  Timber Press.

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