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Subject: Why is it called 'standard error of MEAN', when it´s NOT a mean?

Date: Tue May 8 16:53:52 2001
Posted by Mikael
Grade level: undergrad School: college (engineering and psychology)
City: Borås State/Province: No state entered. Country: Sweden
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 989355232.Eg

The statistical measure "standard error of mean" (which in swedish is called 
"average fault" - if you translate it), has nothing to do with average or mean, 
has it?
The number gives a standard deviation depending on the number of observations 
you´ve done, where 68% of the observations lies, or??
Why this  "misleading" name - or have I misunderstood the whole point???

Re: Why is it called 'standard error of MEAN', when it´s NOT a mean?

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