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Re: What are the latest developments in molecular electronics?

Date: Wed Jun 13 16:25:21 2001
Posted By: Frank Berauer, Technology Transfer Engineer Microelectronics
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 990233639.Eg

Hi David,

This is a very involved question and I would like to refer you to
literature and scientific journals, which you can find in most university
To give you an idea of what keywords to search for:
A lot of work is done nowadays to shrink feature sizes of conventional
graphy. Look for submicron, nano-lithography. An application of this
is single-
electron circuitry.
Another approach is to build devices, wires etc. directly by molecular

Look for Buckyballs (Buckminster Fullerenes), nano-tubes, 
technology (anything with "nano" really).
According to current knowledge, it is impossible to break the laws
of thermo-
dynamics by any means. Generations of perpetuum mobile 
"inventors" have
shown that and made fools out of themselves on the way. I hope you
won't fall
into the same mold.
A technology closest to what you describe, building a power supply
by using
molecular means, is fuel cell technology. Feature sizes are huge
in electronic
terms, but what really happens is a chemical process on a special
membrane to convert Hydrogen directly into water and electricity.

If you don't find what you need or if you have more questions, please
feel free
to contact me again.

Greetings from Singapore,
    Frank Berauer

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