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Subject: What is the water pressure from a header tank?

Date: Tue May 15 16:09:44 2001
Posted by Richard Thomas
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Area of science: Engineering
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I am trying to work out the amount of pressure that is present on a water tap 
that is supplied by a header tank.

I know that many paramerts come into the equation, I just don't know what the 
equestion is.  Please can you help.

The header tank has a base of 0.7m X 0.5m and the water level comes up to 0.4m 
when full.
The diameter of the pipe between the header tank and the tap that I want to 
know the pressure of is 15mm
The header tank is 4.6m above the tap.

I have seen postings answering similar, so I know that 9.8m/s/s (acceleration 
dur to gravity) is also a factor.

The density of water is also used, but I can't find that out either.

Please can you help.


Richard Thomas.

Re: What is the water pressure from a header tank?

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