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Subject: have any animals evolved directly from water to air, or air to H2O?

Date: Sun Jun 17 11:32:25 2001
Posted by flying fish admirer
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Area of science: Evolution
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flying fish are my evolutionary heroes! while the rest of us climbed or wiggled 
up out of the oceans onto land, and a few learned from THERE how to fly, the 
charismatic flying fish has bypassed terra firma altogther and learned to glide 
in the heavens (albeit usually inches above the water) - that's moxie!  are 
there any other animals that have or are trying to pull off this 
miraculous feat (water to air)?  did flying fishes' "flight" pre-date birds?  
can you imagine a set of evolutionary circumstances where the the skies might 
become their primary habitat?  are there any creatures that have or are 
evolving from air or land back into the ocean?  is there a good layman's book 
out there on evolutionary mavericks such as these?

thank you!

Re: have any animals evolved directly from water to air, or air to H2O?

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