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Subject: Is dark energy responsible for the distribution of galaxies?

Date: Wed May 23 19:49:19 2001
Posted by Tom
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City: Reston State/Province: Virginia Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
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At extremely large scales, galaxies are not distributed randomly, but in 
structures that have been described as bubbles, void in the center, with the 
galaxies existing on the skin of the bubble. All bubbles have a compression 
component, ie. air pressure, and a tension component, ie. surface tension. In 
these bubbles of galaxies, gravity would provide the tension, while dark energy 
in the center of the bubble would then provide the compression component. Since 
we don't know exactly what dark energy is, I think we should consider this 
explaination as an alternative to the view that it is something homogenously 
distributed, or built into the fabric of space-time.

Re: Is dark energy responsible for the distribution of galaxies?

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