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Subject: re:ID: 889076505.Es Civilized dinosuars

Date: Mon Jun 11 20:57:52 2001
Posted by Richard
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The listed question and reply cover most of what I was interested in, but I 
would like a bit more clarification.  It was stated that even 80 million years 
from the time Mankind became extinct traces of our civilization would remain, 
thus it is expected that we would find traces of manufactured artifacts if the 
dinosaurs had a civilization.  

But, if you were digging some 80 million years from now, wouldnít the location 
that you dig determine if you find anything?  I mean, if you were digging in 
what is now the Outback, or even say, Nebraska, then what would the chances 
be?  Iíll grant you that digging into the site of a city would surely give you 
a clue, but isnít that rather hit-or-miss?  By no means has the entire surface 
of the planet been exhumed, so isnít it even a little possible that we just 
havenít found the right spot yet?  Also, we have lots of cities and towns in 
our civilization, but if a prior one didnít have that many, or was not based on 
metallurgy, would we still be able to tell after all this time?  Obviously that 
would make location even more critical.


Re: re:ID: 889076505.Es Civilized dinosuars

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