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Subject: Are all human genes epigenetically 'imprinted'?

Date: Sat May 19 05:53:07 2001
Posted by Pilar
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: Curtin University of Technology
City: Perth State/Province: WA Country: Australia
Area of science: Molecular Biology
ID: 990265987.Mb

What I'm actually meaning by asking this question is if only a few are maybe it 
would be possible to have a child using two female gametes but substituting a 
few genes from a male. This way, say, lesbians would be able to have children 
that were biologically theirs with only a few genes from a male donor. If 
almost all, or all, were imprinted maybe there is a way of 'disguising' the 
female imprinted genes with some kind of coating, like how viruses protect 
themselves with protein coatings.

Re: Are all human genes epigenetically 'imprinted'?

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