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Re: different eye colors of indians, asians etc

Date: Mon Jul 2 11:17:34 2001
Posted By: Daniel Fletcher, Anthropologist and Ordnance Expert
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 992329978.Ge

I can't help you with exact percentages, but I can explain a few things 
about eye color you might want to consider.
Many scientists believe that there is a natural degree of variation in all 
ethnic groups, but this is not so in my opinion.
Variation of phenotype is variation of genotype, which means that an Asian 
or African with eyes other than brown or black is not 100% Asian or 
Blue, green and other light-colored eyes, it is believed, are part of the 
caucasian adaptation to cold-weather living. Blue and green eyes tend to 
have better night vision and seem to see better in snowy, mountainous 
regions as opposed to brown or black.

Populations interbreed, which explains the eye color variations.
So basically, if you have an African (Negroid) with other than black or 
brown eyes, then there is a non-African in the woodpile.
Indians from India are actually caucasian, so they may have more color 
variations, owing to population shifts over the millenia.

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