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Re: Could ocean rise cause increase in earth quates&volcanos?

Date: Wed Jul 4 09:03:17 2001
Posted By: shashank HARITHSA, Grad student, Research fellow in Microbiology department, National Institute of Oceanography
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 992109442.Es

hi richard!!!

your question is bit tricky.
Ocean rise and earthquake and volcanic eruptions are two different things.

Ocean rise is the rise in the water level and earthquakes and volcanic 
eruptions are due to plate tectonics. We see a rise in ocean level due to 
the effect of global warming, i.e rise in atmospheric temperature which 
results in the melting of ice in the poles and increases the volume of 
water. We experience earthquakes and volcanic eruptions due to movement 
in certain region of the Earth's crust, called plates. This is due to 
the pressure buildup in magma which erupts from a volcano and also 
sometimes when this pressure is experienced below a plane surface there is 
a movement in plates and smokes and fumes are emitted out.

you can find more information in books on Marine Geology or any Basic 
Marine Science books like Truman and Webber.
Happy reading

shashank Harithsa
Mad Scientist
July 4th, 2001

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