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Subject: How can a cd player be random with no seed number?

Date: Thu Jul 5 12:39:25 2001
Posted by duke
Grade level: undergrad School: university of houston
City: houston State/Province: tx Country: usa
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 994351165.Cs

It is known as a fact that computers do not do things in random order. They 
need a preset number, a seed number, to calculate and simulate a random 
feeling.  This is often achieved using the seconds and hours as seed numbers 
since that is constantly changing.  My question is, how do cd players and other 
devices that has no timer achieve randomness?  What do they use as a seed 
number?  It cannot be the number of songs because that is always the same and 
the first song played in random is always different.

I know a similiar answer has been indirectly posted but It was only a brief 
explanation that I did not understand very well.  The scientist said something 
about key presses and the order of data on cd-roms but my question goes to 
music cd-players.
thank you.

Re: How can a cd player be random with no seed number?

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