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Subject: I need an explaination of the moons altitude in th

Date: Thu Jul 5 12:17:29 2001
Posted by S. Deringer
Grade level: 7-9 School: No school entered.
City: half hollow hills State/Province: n.y. Country: US
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 994349849.As

I recently charted altitude and azimuth of the moon through one cycle of 
phases at 7pm from NY.  I started at new moon and worked my way 
through the cycle.  I found that at my location, 40 degrees North latitude, 
the moon started out low in the sky, about 0.05 degrees in the east.  Each 
night the altitude rose until it hit a max of about 25 degrees in the south 
approaching waxing gibbous.  From that point on the altitude in the sky 
decreased until about wanning gibbous when at 7 pm the moon was no 
longer above the horizon.  I am having difficulty understanding and 
interperting my data.  One of the things I can't understand is if the moon 
rises 52 minutes later each day, why does it appear higher in the sky and 
not lower?  If you could help me make sense of my data I would 
appreciate it.

Re: I need an explaination of the moons altitude in th

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