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Re: What is meconium and why is it green? Also what produces this substance

Date: Tue Jul 10 11:28:44 2001
Posted By: Stephen A. Butler, Post-doc/Fellow, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of New Mexico
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 985515841.Me

Dear Scientist

Meconium is the first stools (poo) of a newborn baby. Because the baby in 
the uterus is not eating any solids the meconium is a build up of mucus 
and cellular debris accumulated during the period of pregnancy. The green 
colour comes from the concentration of bile pigments - bili rubin (red) 
and bili verdin (green)which are also present in our own stools. 
Occasionally the fetus may become stressed in the uterus and meconium can 
get into the amniotic fluid surrounding him/her. Of course it is then 
possible for the fetus to ingest myconium and this would explain it's 
presence in the stomach.

Hope this answers your question, 


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