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Re: Why does our freezer freeze everything but what we

Date: Mon Jul 16 11:54:18 2001
Posted By: Donald Howard, Staff, Nuclear Engineering, Retired
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 992557853.Eg

Two possibilities:  First, beneath the cooling coils there should be a 
pan - probably plastic with possibly a small "damper" at the rear to allow 
you to adjust the amount of cold air going from the freezer section to the 
refer section.  If that is missing, which it usually is if someone gave 
you that refer, then there should be slots in the side walls where that 
drip pan/damper should be.  If that's true, a sheet of thin, rigid plastic 
that is wide enough to fit those slots and a little shorter than the depth 
of the refrigerator should solve the problem.

But, if at one time it worked correctly, then I would suspect a dirty 
condenser.  That's that black wire maze at the back or under the refer 
that gets clogged with lint and pet hair so it can't get the heat out as 
it should.

But, I'd go with guess #1. 

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