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Subject: Dinosaurs and extreme weather.

Date: Thu Jul 19 18:46:02 2001
Posted by John
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I have been watching specials by Discovery Channel on dinosaurs including the 
extremely huge plant eaters.  My guess is that they were considerably taller 
and larger than a lot of other "objects" around them and because of geographic 
area needed to feed a breeding population, limited in numbers.

But how would they have handled lightning?  Wouldn't the largest creatures 
being so huge been much more likely to have taken hits?  How did they control 
heat with the massive size during heat waves or with loss of heat during rain 
or cold periods?  How would the ground handle the weight distribution when 
saturated?  Were trees literally that much larger to provide them with 
protection at their heights?

I guess it just seems to me that the larger the land animal, the more weather 
would be a hinderance to longevity...


Re: Dinosaurs and extreme weather.

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