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Re: Is there research done with Viper venom, and if so by who, and for what ?

Date: Tue Aug 7 09:18:43 2001
Posted By: Bryan Grieg Fry, Ph.D. candidate, Centre for Drug Design & Development
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 996051060.Gb

There is a tremendous amount of work being done on viper venoms.  The 
compounds studied range from small peptides (10mers) to disulfide linked 
peptides (three finger toxin family) to phospholipases (A, A2, etc...) to 
serine proteases.  The studies range from isolation/characterisation of 
novel molecules with an aim to drug design to studies that aim to better 
understand the clinical pathology of envenomation.

If you look in PubMed you will find a wealth of material.

All the best,

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