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Subject: Can gasoline be run in a diesel engine with little

Date: Thu Jul 26 21:25:26 2001
Posted by Richard
Grade level: 10-12 School: Mascenic High School
City: New Ipswich State/Province: NH Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 996197126.Eg

I read in a 4 wheeling mag that gasonline could be run in a diesel engine with a
little modding. is this possible? would it be economical? can other fuels like
kerosene be run in a diesel engine? I'm doing an idependant study in school on
diesel engines and biodiesel, i'm fascinated by the effeciency of diesel
compared to gas engines, and biodiesel. what about 2 stroke diesle engines,
could a supercharger to provide air be run electrically to give the engine more
efficiency? lots of questions, but i am very curious about this subject.

Re: Can gasoline be run in a diesel engine with little

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