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Subject: What physical traits are associated with the X chromosome?

Date: Sun Jul 1 19:51:44 2001
Posted by Karsten
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Area of science: Genetics
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It seems apparent that my brother and I received a different X chromosome from 
our mother.  I based this on the development of male pattern baldness, which, 
from what I understand, is linked with the X chromosome.  My younger brother 
has classical, and rather advanced, symptoms for male pattern baldness, whilst 
I have been able to hold on to a very healthy crop of hair.

Is the assumption that we each inherited the different X chromosome correct?  
(my mothers-father was bold at an early age however my mothers-mothers-father 
never went bold).

If so, what are other physical traits linked to the X chromosome that may 
differ between my brother and I?  Despite similarities we have some obvious 
differences  my brother is considerably taller, lighter in build, has lighter 
(and less) hair, grows sparse gingery facial hair, and he is partially colour 
blind (!).  Does the X chromosome explain these differences??

Thank you in advance,

Re: What physical traits are associated with the X chromosome?

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