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Subject: What happens if you are standing ON the magnetic north pole with a compass?

Date: Fri Aug 3 13:43:55 2001
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I was researching on comapasses for fun(I love science). I had questions like: 
Is the magnetic North Pole and the North pole exactly the same? What will 
happen if you put a very strong magnet close to compass in Southern direction, 
etc. Suddenly I realized that if the needle of the compass will always point in 
the direction of the Magnetic North Pole, where would it be able to point, 
being only two-dimensional, if you were standing ON the magnetic north pole, 
and why. I researched in Encyclopedias and couldn't find any answer, so I went 
to Ask A Scientist. I also read one of your answers and it was completely above 
me. What's the alignment force? What does the equator have to do with the 
magnetic field. If you could please write the answer in simple words, I'll be 
very grateful. Thank you!

Re: What happens if you are standing ON the magnetic north pole with a compass?

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