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Re: Does a person use about the same calories to walk a mile as to run a mile?

Date: Thu Aug 23 18:40:05 2001
Posted By: Steven Korenstein, Grad student, Environmental/Occupational Health, Cal. State Un. Northridge
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 998394335.Gb


You ask if a person would use the same amount of calories to walk a mile as 
they would to run a mile.  Well, running tends to burn more calories than 
walking does because when you run you move faster and thus use more energy. 
However, it really depends on how long you must walk or run to reach a mile 
For example if it take you 15 minutes to walk one mile you will burn about 
50 calories or about 3.3 calories per minute.  Running the same distance 
may take you only 10 minutes, but you will burn about 140 calories for 
about 14 calories per minute.  Keep in mind that these numbers are for 
someone who weighs about 150 pounds and that other factors may yield 
different results.

Good luck.


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