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Subject: What makes brown bread brown?

Date: Sat Aug 25 19:51:27 2001
Posted by Joshua
Grade level: grad (science) School: Blaxland High School
City: Blue Mountains State/Province: N.S.W. Country: Australia
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 998783487.Ge

To do with the chemicals, perservatives etc. How does it work? Can there be a 
possible solution to making bread bacteria and fungal free? What differences 
are there between white and brown bread (taste, ingrediants) and how do you 
distinguish between the different colours of bacteria and Fungi? I have put a 
piece of bread into a bag, left it there and have watched the mould grow. Why 
is there a lot more of blue, green (aqua) colour mould on one side, while there 
is only a little amount of brown mould on the other? IS it to do with different 
spores travelling through the air? The other information on bread moulding I 
was sent was really helpful. Keep up the great job guys, you're doing a 
fantastic job! You may not know it, but by helping people out, just likemyself, 
you're doing the world a favour. Thanks heaps!!!

Re: What makes brown bread brown?

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