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Subject: Questions about plasma engine

Date: Tue Aug 14 10:28:25 2001
Posted by Wayne
Grade level: undergrad School: No school entered.
City: Virginia Beach State/Province: VA Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 997799305.Ph

1) I noticed when using heat only, one must create tremendously high temps to make gas ionized. You mentioned several other methods to make ionized gas. Which method or combination of methods do you favor? The application I'm thinking about is for a plasma engine perhaps similiar to VASIMR. Also, what gas do you favor for a plasma engine?

2) I heard someone say it was possible to use a figure 8 loopback in a plasma engine as a way of being able to keep going faster and faster. Is that possible? If it is, can you explain how it might be constructed.

Re: Questions about plasma engine

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