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Re: Can one eliminate a tumor for exemple with nuclear fission.

Date: Sun Sep 30 22:40:14 2001
Posted By: Michael Baker, Technical Staff Member
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1001361742.Me

The use of radiation is a common practice in the treatment and diagnosis of 
several types of cancer.  There is one form of treatment that is similar to 
what you are suggesting and is being actively researched.  The 
treatment involves the splitting of boron nuclei using thrermal 
neutrons.  This deposits a large amount of energy at the tumor site and has 
some very promising results to date.  The technique is called Boron Neutron 
Capture Therapy (BNCT).  There is a great introduction to this therapy 
technique at the following web site:

You might also what to take a look at the following web site that includes 
links to other good sources of BNCT information.

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