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Subject: What do the organisms used in oil spills do?

Date: Mon Feb 19 21:16:28 2001
Posted by Karsten
Grade level: No grade entered. School: Maine West High School
City: Des Plaines State/Province: IL Country: us
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 982635388.Mi

I am doing a project on how one would go about finding a way to clean up an oil spill. During my research I found that the spills are sometimes treated with the aid of tiny organisms. I have however been unable to find two things relating to this: 1. How did they discover that these organisms could clean up oil spills, or what test might they have done. 2. How are these organisms used all i read was that a colony is releashed and .... but is there any specific stratigy. All I have found is spill history or spill clean up agencies. thank you

Re: What do the organisms used in oil spills do?

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