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Subject: Replacement of neurons that have died due to stroke (Ischemia)

Date: Thu Sep 20 23:50:08 2001
Posted by Sarah
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Area of science: Neuroscience
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I was wondering if you may be able to assist me. Stroke kills neurons due to 
lack of oxygen. I am interested in knowing which organisations have considered 
(or do) study on cell therapy (using Embryonic Stem cells) to replace the 
damaged neurons. I have contacted The Brain Foundation (victoria), various 
government based resources, but nobody really knows who to contact for 
assistance. I would be interested in finding out what kind of mutations would 
be made to the ES cell, and how it would be (theoretically) possible to one day 
grow neurons in the stroke affected individuals. Why is this not possible/not 
used in medicine? To me ES cells used in this manner may provide an answer, but 
I don't know enough about them to figure out why they would not be practical to 
It would be great if you could offer me some help.

Re: Replacement of neurons that have died due to stroke (Ischemia)

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