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Re: How do you think the oven will change in the future?

Date: Tue Oct 9 19:41:53 2001
Posted By: Bob Gibilisco, Staff, Process Engineering, Retired
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1001265289.Eg

Well Shelly, it appears the oven industry has matured. Energy sources have 
gone from wood to microwave. By the way, microwave oven technology is now 
30 years old. 
The latest type of ovens use conbinations of energy types eg. 
microwave/halogen light and microwave/convection. This is probably the 
area where improvements will be made to reduce cooking time and energy 
consumption. These types of ovens combine speed and efficiency and provide 
tasty food. Roasts are cooked on the inside to the desired degree of 
doneness with a nice crispy coating on the outside. 
The only thing that is lost is the good smell during extended cooking 

Ref. http://tod 

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