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Subject: Time of minimum distance between moon and Jupiter?

Date: Mon Oct 15 12:21:53 2001
Posted by vargha
Grade level: undergrad School: University
City: Tehran State/Province: Tehran Country: Iran
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1003162913.As

My name is Vargha and I am 19 ,undergaduate boy.Recently I thought of a 
question that is actually a calculation that I can't carry it on myself. As you 
may have some astronomical programs, I thought maybe you can help me without 
taking much of your time :
From now on, when do Jupiter and moon (the moon around earth) come into the 
nearest possible position, and what is the frequency of this event? (when is it 
going to happen again)
Although this question seems an unimportant knowlege ,but it's very important 
for me.
I thank you in advance and appreciate your valuable efforts on deepening our 

Re: Time of minimum distance between moon and Jupiter?

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