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Re: How long will it take to get a Bachelor Degree from a US/Canada university?

Date: Fri Oct 19 19:28:57 2001
Posted By: Eric Biddinger, Staff, 4-H/Youth Extension Educator, St. Joseph Extension
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You have good questions here!!!

1) If you go "by the book", you can graduate from most colleges with a B.S. 
in four years (but the average is 5).  A Masters will add 2 to 3 more and a 
PhD will take 4 to 6.  All of these vary depending on your program, the 
school, and your interests.  (I suggest to all of the college students that 
you do an internship during college.  This might mean taking a semester out 
of school, but the knowledge and experience will more than offset the lost 

2) To find out what qualifications you need to get into college in genetic 
engineering, I would strongly suggest that you call the schools you are 
interested in.  The qualifications will vary depending on the school and 
what academic program you are in.  There are several disciplines that work 
with genetic engineering including agronomy, horticulture, animal science, 
vet science, medical science, and pharmacy.  To be general, you need 
excellent math and science skills, a good score on the entrance exam (SAT 
or ACT).  You also need a passion for learning.  Genetic engineering is 
changing fast.  Techniques I learned in college 5 years ago have been 
radically improved and in many cases are totally obsolete.  Because of the 
rapid changes, you have to be willing to keep learning well after you 
finish school.

3) Salary will vary with the career.  A lab tech at a college (B.S.) might 
make $20-25k while a lead scientist (PhD) with a private corporation might 
make in the $100k range.  It is really hard to generalize as positions will 
vary widely depending on where they are (university, industry, government).  
Again, I suggest you look to placement offices at your university of 
choice.  They will have more comprehensive (and up-to-date) information.

I hope this helps!!!
Eric Biddinger
Extension Educator,
Purdue University Cooperative Extension, St. Joseph County

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