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Subject: Can liquid oxygen or other gases form naturally?

Date: Sun Sep 23 06:03:47 2001
Posted by Douglas
Grade level: nonaligned School: miskatonic university
City: Chicago State/Province: IL Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1001239427.As

Can a planet or planetesimal in deep space have naturally formed deposits of 
some gases (oxygen, nitrogen, heck even hydrogen or helium) in liquid 
form?  Could there be remote objects with oceans of liquid oxygen on their 
surface, or rivers of liquid hydrogen running underneath?  Or is even 
interstellar or intergalactic space too hostile an environment for such gases to 
exist openly in liquid form?

The question comes more from curiosity than anything, although I will admit that 
a story idea may be lurking in there depending upon how this question is 

Thank you in advance.

Re: Can liquid oxygen or other gases form naturally?

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