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Subject: What is evolutionary advantages of bird brood parasitism?

Date: Sun Sep 30 03:32:23 2001
Posted by Lauren
Grade level: nonaligned School: Environmental Training Group
City: Johannesburg State/Province: Gauteng Country: South Africa
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1001835143.Zo

Some birds practice brood paratisism - ie, they use the nests of parenting 
abilities of other birds to raise their young. In evolutionary terms this is an 
expensive practice, and more importantly, limits the ability of the parasite 
species to expand as they can only grow in accordance with the availability of 
the hosts nests ie they are always limited in numbers by the availability of 
hosts. From an evolutionary point of view, why then do these birds practice 
brood parasitism?

Re: What is evolutionary advantages of bird brood parasitism?

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