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Re: what is the definition of applied biology

Date: Fri Oct 26 10:59:18 2001
Posted By: Andrea Riegler, Grad student, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 998207829.Gb

I've looked at several Applied Biology departments and websites and there 
doesn't seem to be a really good definition.  My sense of it is that applied 
biology is really the study and development of tools and methods specific to 
biological research needs.  For example, one site I found listed the 
following applied biology specialties: bioregulatory affairs/science 
management, biomedical applications and biotechnology/biocomputing.  As you 
can see, these topics don't really have to do with hands on research.  
Rather, the field of applied biology seems to focus on the support of 
biologcial research and perhaps consulting.  The course lists for this major 
all show a certain 'jack of all trades' mentality.  I think if you were to 
major in Applied Biology, you would have to know a little about all the 
various biological fields plus a concentration in something like computers, 
law or writing.  For example, you might end up working with a research 
professional that found some interesting phenomena but didn't know how to 
apply it to practical use or maybe you would consult non-scienctist policy 
makers on new techonology so they could make informed legislation.  The 
possibilities are really endless.  That's my best take on it.  I hope it 

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