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Re: how do stem cells differentiation when they are grown in the laboratory?

Date: Wed Oct 31 11:49:15 2001
Posted By: Pamela Norton, faculty, Dept. of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson Univ.
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1003718332.Cb

Although it is fairly easy to get stem cells to differentiate, there is a 
lot that is not known about how to control stem cell differentiation in 
the lab. Many different cell types can arise, the challenge is to direct 
all cells toward one particular fate.

A really excellent, up to date summary of all things related to stem cells 
is available:

This is a lengthy and recent report prepared by the National Institutes of 
Health. To quote briefly from the Preface "The report is a review of the 
state of the science of stem cell research as of June 17, 2001. Included in 
this report is subject matter addressing stem cells from adult, fetal 
tissue and embryonic sources. Because so much of the progress made to date 
was dependent on animal models, a significant emphasis is placed on 
understandings gained from mouse models of development and mouse stem cell 
research. The report also devites substantal attention to scientific 
publications on the characterization of specialized cells developed from 
embryonic stem cells and the plasticity of adult stem cells."

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