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Re: Do Wolves and Coyotes eat the stomach contents of their prey

Date: Sun Nov 4 21:23:14 2001
Posted By: Kimberly Sander, Faculty, Science Department, Guam Community College
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1003968505.Zo

Wolves and Coyotes

Wolves and coyotes are carnivores (meat eaters). They will hunt animals, kill them, and then scavenge their meat and bones. The rest of the carcass is left behind by the wolves and coyotes. Other organisms will share in the leftover feast by further breaking down the carcasses. These include: rodents, birds, insects, bacteria, and fungi.

I asked hunters if they had ever seen the coyotes and wolves eat the stomach contents of their prey. They said that wolves and coyotes do not eat the stomach contents. They observed that the organs were with the corpses. That did make sense considering that they are carnivores and that many of the animals that they prey on are herbivores (plant eaters). That is a good reason why they would not be interested in the stomach contents of their prey.

The only reference that I could find related to wolves and coyotes eating corpses was: Animals Eating Corpses

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