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Subject: what was the amazing light show i just saw in the sky?

Date: Mon Nov 5 23:14:37 2001
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its november 5, toronto ontario, at about 1030-1100pm i witnessed the most 
expansive rays of red, green and white light running across the entire visible 
atmosphere. the light came from a definite origin near the centre of my view of 
the sky, it looked like blackness in the shape of an almond, and from there in 
all directions streamed the bright coloured and white lights all around the 
sky. airplanes were visibly flying much lower than the rays of light. the whole 
thing lasted a total of about 5 minutes intensly with a buildup prior and a 
fade away after. what or earth did i see? could it be the northern lights? i 
dont think toronto is north enough for something like that, but perhaps. thank 
you for any response.

Re: what was the amazing light show i just saw in the sky?

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