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Re: What are the similarties in DNA in Humans and Apes?

Date: Sun Nov 11 11:15:59 2001
Posted By: Michael S. Robeson II, Core Nucleic Acid Analysis Manager
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1004902107.Ge

I am assuming you are asking "How similar is the DNA compostion 
of Apes and Humans?"

Most researchers and genetics/evolution texts say that thee is a 
difference in Human and Ape DNA of only 2%. Meaning we are 98% 

The physical and behavioral differences between Apes and Humans 
may predominately arise from the way our genes interact with each 
other in our bodies. That is, Apes and Humans have many of the 
same genes but how those genes interact differ at varying 
developmental stages.

Any Genetics or Evolution Text book.

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