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Subject: Using Genitic engineering/before birth/decide persons blood type

Date: Mon Nov 12 16:56:40 2001
Posted by Kevin
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Area of science: Genetics
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Gene linkage is when genes influence the action of other seemingly unrelated 
genes.  Example blood type O's manufacture more intestinal alkaline phosphate 
allowing for better digestion of meats as opposed to type A's who make very 
little of it leaning to a more vegitarian diet.  Stress, immune strength, 
stress coping skills, even social prefrences are all decided by blood type.  So 
I wanted to know if the gene for blood type could be manipulated also the gene 
that determines wrather a person is a secretor or a non-secretor.  Non-
secretors have weaker immune systems and are more suspetiable to there 
enviroment and to eating harmfull foods.  They don't secrete there blood 
antigen wrather it be O, A, B, or AB, into other fluids of there body. Making 
them much weaker than a secretor.  About 20% of the population is non-sec I 
think that no one should have to live there life as a non-sec I think that if 
we had the technology to determine wrather someone is a sec or a non-sec we 
should do it.  It will only give that individual the chance to live the full 
life that all other Americans have been given a chance to live.  To learn more 
about this intresting science go to  

Re: Using Genitic engineering/before birth/decide persons blood type

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