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Subject: Death erection and ejaculation

Date: Tue Oct 30 01:59:46 2001
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From a previous post I am aware that a death erection occurs during breaking of 
the neck. However I am not sure if a death erection can occur for other reasons, 
such as heart attack or being shot in the heart or head. Also not clear is does 
the erection fade after a few hours or does the organ stay engorged and 
hard until burial (or longer)? One other related question is, can the dead man 
still ejaculate by either electrical or physical stimulation after death if so 
for how long? A previous posted answer stated a man can ejaculate if death 
occurs at point of no return, but the time frame here is a bit after that point. 
The guys dead, for about 10 or 15 minutes or so.
The reason I am asking these questions is for a plot in a story line.

Thanks for your assistance    

Re: Death erection and ejaculation

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