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Re: what problems do students have relating to software

Date: Wed Nov 21 11:52:56 2001
Posted By: Camilo Ernesto Mendoza Huezo, Grad student, Computer Science, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California - Ensenada
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 1006343914.Cs

Well I don't think there is any one problem that faces student around the 
world (except maybe homework) but anyhow there are many projects that you 
can do, I will think the most common well be like On Line Tutoring for 
math, science, history, etc. probably a Calculus homepage with java, so 
they can learn online buuuuuut try to make it fun so they want to learn 
not so they will get bored ...

here are some fun sites so you can get and idea on how to display 

Some of the applications I did with java was an online solar system 
simulation it had the visual cue to get peoples attention and just so much 
information that they wanted to learn more 

Your Mad Scientist
Camilo Mendoza

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