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Subject: Plants of the Nightshade family found in the USA

Date: Thu Dec 6 20:30:02 2001
Posted by J.A.Wethmeller
Grade level: nonaligned School: N A
City: Sun City West State/Province: AZ Country: USA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 1007688602.Bt

Our group was nameing plants from this family.Datura was unknown to me.The 
group thought it was the jimpson weed or the loco weed. To me these are the 
same plants.The tomato belongs to this family also. but who tried it out for 
food?Also, rhubarb has bad leaves,who found out that the stem was ok? In 
conclusion,does this plant live in the USA? Is any part edible?

Re: Plants of the Nightshade family found in the USA

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